• How to Create Installation File

    I received a lot of question through email and comments system so I decided to include this in my FAQ section.

    If you are familiar with the language you are using most probably you already know the built in packages. In Visual Basic 6.0 there is an add-in that you can use to create an installer. This can be found under the Add-ins menu >> Add-In Manager then loading the...

    Posting Guidelines


    The following guidelines will teach you how to post properly in this website.

    Code Coloring

    This website has a code coloring for every language you selected. Whether you submit an article, tutorial, comments, source code the syntax highlighting will trigger if you use the following code.

    How to Fix Errors Found In Source Code
  • The majority of questions I received here is when somebody download my source code and found an error after running it. Well, actually you will not encounter those errors if you just follow the instructions on the readme file.

    But sometimes, due to the fact that you are in a hurry to open the source code and want to see what’s on it, you forgot to read the important...

    crviewer.dll error


    This dll is part is a runtime library of Crystal Reports. If you encounter this error when you download and run one of the source code here like Hotel Reservation System, this is because you don't have Crystal Reports 8.0 or above installed in your computer.

    In this case, you may use the installer of the Hotel Reservation...


    Hi to all,

    First, thank you for coming here. I just want to clarify about the issue which was posted by some programmer (if they are really programmer) who allegedly accusing me (not really going to court) of using the code of other programmer.

  • Can you Create Program with Source Code for my Project?

    I know how hard it is to create a computer program especially if you are a newbie. But I have my own work also and I'm always busy everyday.


    How can I contact the author of the source code?


    You need to be a registered member of this website in order to contact the author of the source code uploaded in geeksourcecodes.com.
    Before asking a question be sure to read the whole list of topic in FAQ. Some author would not bother to reply you if your question are already found in the FAQ.  

    What is the database password?


    I received a lot of question regarding the password of a database in any of the program

    To find the password for the database all you have to do is to look for the connection string of the database in the source code. Most of the programmer, if not all, embed the password in the connection string...

    My comment was deleted. What happen?


    Non english content are automatically deleted. Use only english language to write content and or comments.

    Where can I download ocx file?


    To download ocx file please visit download pag


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