Automated Attendance System

It is a system developed to monitor and control the attendance of employees in an organization or students in a particular learning institution.

Automated Attendance System
Automated Attendance System


It is a system developed to monitor and control the attendance of employees in an organization or students in a particular learning institution. The system is mainly implemented in organizations to collect data concerning attendance of employees which will later be used to determine the amount of salary that they are to receive at the end of the month.

Advantages of an automated attendance system.

1. The misuse of the attendance policies by employees is prevented and reduced. Manual attendance system mostly contains incorrect attendance data by employees since it is not monitored hence one can key in incorrect arrival and departure time but with the installation of automated attendance system, the entry and exit of employees is monitored by the system hence accurate attendance data is produced.

2. Improves the productivity of an organization. The automated attendance system ensures that employees in an organization have arrived to work on time and cannot leave whenever they like and this therefore improves the productivity of an organization since there is maximum attendance in an organization and hence the employees work to meet the monthly targets provided to them by their supervisors.

3. An accurate payroll process is provided. Since the system provides accurate data on the attendance of employees, this ensures that they receive an accurate salary at the end of the month with regard to their attendance.

4. The system provides easy decision making. Decisions such as application of leave by the employees is easily managed by the attendance system hence there is easy approval or rejection of leave enhanced by the system.

5. Reduced paperwork in an organization. The manual attendance system comprises of documents prepared with software later printed for signing process which therefore results to a lot of paperwork involved and stored in an organization but with the implementation of automated attendance system, the paperwork procedure is eliminated completely.

6. There is elimination of redundancy that occurs in the manual attendance program. The system eliminates redundancy that could occur in the attendance system.

7. Students attendance of lectures in learning institutions is monitored and tracked. Institutions use the system to determine whether students will be allowed to sit for the final exam of the semester by monitoring their attendance. The system can also be used to notify parents if their children are attending lectures.

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