Artificial Intelligence(AI) 2020

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the process of developing systems that have intellectual capacity such as that of human beings. The characteristics include reasoning ability, research capability and also the ability of learning from previous experience.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) 2020
Image of Artificial Intelligence(AI) 2020

Artificial Intelligence
The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the process of developing systems that have intellectual capacity such as that of human beings. The characteristics include reasoning ability,research capability and also the ability of learning from previous experience.
The emergence of computers at around mid 1990's has shown the evolution of computer systems to more efficient computer systems that are able to carry out challenging or hard tasks. The developed systems display a higher rate of performance and as a result are being implemented in many organizations or institutions to boost performance.  Examples of these systems include voice recognition, computer search engines, voice or handwriting recognition.

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Artificial Intelligence can be further classified into two categories which are strong and weak (AI). Strong AI has features similar to that of human intelligence. Such features include the capability to reason when a situation arises, ability to judge, self awareness,some degree of consciousness and are also able to solve challenges or problems at hand or upon arrival. This type of AI is also known as Artificial Gerneral Intelligence or True Intelligence.
 Weak AI on the other hand deals with specialization of the machines or systems to perform a specific or narrow task that is it deals with specialization in a certain single task and as a result Weak AI is also referred to as narrow AI. Weak AI contrasts strong AI in the state that it lacks human conciousness. Hence these systems are not able to perform tasks that are powerful or useful. Examples of systems that have weak AI are speech and image recognition systems. These systems are only able to perform one task and therefore fall under that category.

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Artificial Intelligence has nowadays emerged as a service(AIaaS) in the technology aspect in the fact that companies/organizations or individuals are now using these systems for business purposes.
Applications of AI
                        1. Robotics.
Robots are artificial agents that act in real world.
Robotics are used in various sectors of AI such as
a. Industries.
They are used to perform various tasks such as material handling,colour coating and drilling in the industry world.
b. Military
At times of war, robots are used to reach the danger and inaccessible zones and many armies are as a result using them for that purpose.
c. Medicine
Many medical facilities have implemented robots to perform tasks such as medical tests and also in the performance of complex surgeries.

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d. Entertainment 
Robotics has been widely used in movie making industries such as Disney.
e. Exploration 
Drones have been used underwater for exploration purposes in many situations.Robot rock climbers have are also used in exploration in space.
                            2 Medicine 
AI is also being used in the medicine sector to enhance fast diagnosis since humans may take longer to diagnose an Illness or disease. AI is integrated in a way that it is not prone to error and will hence give the correct diagnosis of a disease unlike humans who may at times give wrong diagnosis which could put patient's life at risk.

Robots in AI are programmed to perform tasks highly and hence increase performance in the undertaken task or duty by the robot. This process in known as Robot Process Automation where the robots can also adjust to changing conditions or environment.
Virtual Assistants have also been used in Automotive Industries to enhance performance. An example is Tesla which has developed Teslabot as a virtual assistant.
 Self driven cars have also been implemented in various industries since they are safe and secure to travel.
                               4. Education
Majority of learning institutions are implementing the use of AI in the education field to assist in activities such as the grading system and also in the assessment of students in the institution. AI used in the grading system is more efficient as compared to grading system by human.
Personal Virtual tutors for stidents have also emerged as a result of AI in education which are less costly to students and more advantageous since they can be accessed any where and at any given time.
                             5.AI in Business.
Platforms such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been used in AI to enhance customer relations in many organization with an aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.An example is how chatbots have added to websites or systems to be able to solve customers needs within a short period of time. Analytics are also integrating machine learning algorithms to enhance better outcome and results.
                             6.Data security.
Data stored needs to be secure not to succumb to unauthorized access and as a result of AI organizations are implementing the use of AEG bot and  AI2 Platform to prevent cyber attacksand detect bugs that arise in software which cause harm or make software prone to attacks. 

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