Examples of Awesome Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technology refers to any innovation that significantly alters the ways consumers, companies, factories and businesses operates.

Examples of Awesome Disruptive Technologies
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Disruptive technology refers to any innovation that significantly alters the ways consumers,companies,factories and businesses operates. Disruptive technology replaces the old system of operation since it is considered to more superior. Most recent examples of disruptive technologies include online shopping sites,GPS systems and also online news sites.One main characteristics of disruptive technology is that it completely overturns the old way things are done. Below are some best examples of disruptive technologies which are recently trending.

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a.artificial intellegence this is special type of intellegence that is adopted by computers and machines. Artificial intelligence is used when machine copy cognitive part of human brains and start solving problems.

b.internet of things refers to eqquiping people, machines, objects or animals with machine readable identifiers. The identifier transfers information to internet without human to computer interaction. Iot is widely applicable in farming, industries and automotive industries.

c.space conolization is whereby gigantic spacecraft will occupy other planets and moon. Nasa has come up with many projects for space colonization like national space society. Space colonization is good example of disruptive technologies.

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d.3D printing what would happen if we create any thing like a motorbike simply by just printing?  technology is advancing such that one would be able to print an object that is soo real in apperance as original object. List of items that can be printed in 3D is so wide including wood,rubber shoes,cars e.t.c.

e.medical innovations innovations in medical fields is one of interesting area aspecially if your scientist. Newer vaccines that wer not originally there have been invented and also gene editing.

f.robotics robotics is another interesting disruptive technology scenario, robots have been designed to an extend that they can sense and also can think like human beings. New robots can perform task that are hard for human beings to perform ,robots don't get exhausted and are more accurate.

g.autonomous vehicles disruptive technology include automated vehicles and also drones. These drone are self-drive ,this proofs we are heading to greater direction as long as technology matters are concerned.

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