Chatbot! How do they Help You Navigate into a Website and Restore Your Relationship?

When we chat with customer service representatives online, we expect the first line customer service representatives to be chatbots.

Chatbot! How do they Help You Navigate into a Website and Restore Your Relationship?

In the age of chatbot on the internet everywhere, They are always there to talk to you whenever you want to say something? Everytime we need to consult by chatting with Customer Service Representatives online, Our First assumption is they respond immediatly as it happens when they are chatbots. We tell them about our problems. Chatbots help us find a solution. The “problem and solution” nature of customer service presents a classic problem best solved by artificial intelligence.

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Taking this one step further, what if you are a twenty-something career driven person who has literally no time during your busy packed working day to check in with your significant other. You’ve worked hard to earn your significant other’s love. You want to juggle your relationship with your career. But, there’s just no time.

Do you use a chatbot to check in with your significant other while you are busy working hard?

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This is exactly what happened to software engineer, Li Kai Xiang, from China. He built a chatbot to chat with his girlfriend while he was at work. Surprisingly, by the end of the day, his girlfriend exchanged hundreds of messages with the chatbot. At the same time, his girlfriend was also suspicious of the messages she was getting from the chatbot.


After a while, you feel that someone has emotionally invaded your private spaces without your consent. There’s a word for that: “emotional rape”.


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How can you tell if you are talking to a Chatbot?

1.Respond Really Fast


3.Complete Sentences

4.Strange Syntax

5.Intimate Questions

Online relationships should not demand your complete disclosure and complete attention.

6.Sharing Links

For a happy online life and a happier dating life, safeguard yourself against chatbot cybercrime. If you want to use a chatbot to check-in with your significant other for you, work on making time instead. The risk of your significant other finding out is not worth all the trouble. If you are in an online conversation that requires you to disclose your personal information, know that you can always make the choice to log off.


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