Service Desk Ticket System

It is a system that is developed to perform the function of handling customer support requests.

Service Desk Ticket System
Service Desk Ticket System


It is a system that is developed to perform the function of handling customer support requests.

Advantages of service desk ticket system.

1. Highly reliable. The system ensures that customers receive the support services which they require without any failure or error generated by the system.

2. User friendly. The customers should be able to use the system without requiring any help. It is designed in a way that customers are able to understand and interact with the system easily. The interface of the system is easy to understand during interaction with a client and therefore they take less time to access the services and to be served.

3. Speed. It is a real time system and therefore it is developed and designed in a way that customer requests are processed within a short time. A query enquired by a customer is placed immediately and this is verified or confirmed to them either by receiving an email or text message on the registered email address and phone number respectively. The query is also immediately sent to the concerned executives for them to take action.

4. Availability. The system is mostly implemented in businesses that run on a 24/7 basis which therefore enables the customers to access its services at any time. The system is not prone to tiresome and hence still operates at its normal pace.

5. Saves on expenses. Once the system is designed and deployed to the designated business or company, less costs are incurred due to the fact that the system eliminates employee costs or labor costs that would have been incurred.

6. The system automates tasks that are repetitive. At one time some tasks may be carried out such as sending emails to customers but instead of repeating the process of sending an email to each customer at a time, the system generates all the customer phone numbers or emails and sends the message at once.

7. Secure. The system is secure and cannot be compromised by unauthorized entity trying to gain access to customer data. Suspicious activities are detected by the system and raises an alarm to the authorities.

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